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Posted: May 16, 2013 at 11:51 am   /   by   /   comments (11)

hbcu greek gear

Anybody who’s ever been to a HBCU (Black College) football game knows that halftime is game time.  There was a popular movie, “Drumline”, that showcased how important a band is to some schools.  Football games like the Florida Classic seen its attendance drop by 20,000 with the absence of FAMU’s band. recently release an article naming the Top 10 HBCU Bands.  The list left off the JSU’s “Sonic Boom of the South” leaving us to question its legitimacy.  Never the less here’s the list in no particular order. Which bands do you think needs to be added to the list?  Leave comment below (be nice :)

Howard University “Showtime”


Florida A&M Univeristy “Marching 100”


Southern University “Human Jukebox”


Clark Atlanta “The Mighty Marching Panther”


North Carolina Central University ” The Marching Sound Machine”


Prairie View A&M University “The Marching Storm”


Tuskegee University “Marching Crimson Piper”


Virginia State University “Trojan Explosion”


Grambling State University “The World Famed”


Bethune-Cookman University “The Pride”



  • agrapevines

    NCAT the pride of Greensboro NC!

  • j

    Norfolk State Spartan Legion, Texas Southern Ocean of Soul, Edward Waters College, all of these bands should be here instead of tuskegee and Clark Atlanta….

  • blkmktmag

    no way Clark Atlanta….and you question Vibe’s list…. WHERE IS NORFOLK STATE UNIVERSITY?

  • NY Aggie

    This list is fugazie! How do you leave off the Baddest Band in the Land?! The NCA&TSU Blue & Gold Marching Machine! Aggie Pride!

  • XV3

    Theres no way PV should be ranked higher than southern…and as much as I dont like them you gots to give respect to jackson state they are at least top 5 along with Southern…this list I do NOT agree with…

    Top 5 should be….. BCU GSU SU Jackson State and maybe squeeze tuskegee in there

  • JAGS

    Southern University is the best and the band was leaving. You should see them on the field.

  • Blaze

    A&T Blue & Gold Marching Machine” the Soldiers of Haftime” along with the glamorous Golden Delight


    Since Tuskegee is posted up there, you must have ALABAMA STATE and ALABAMA A&M

  • Dale

    So many bands at HBCUs are better than the bands listed here, this ranking is so otta touch.

  • C MAC


  • Mary Covington

    the committee who picked these bands need their heads examined and eyesight checked because you can not leave off the blue and gold marching of nc a&t state university. you got these high school bands on the list like nccu, tuskegee, howard and va. state. really